Botany Bay Rum


80 proof


The documented history of Botany Bay begins in 1703 when Balthazar Casper Busch began clearing land on the secluded western tip of the island where the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea blend together. With continual threats of hurricanes, droughts and disease, life on the island of St. Thomas in those days was far from the tropical paradise that exists today. It was through sheer determination that Busch developed this parcel of land into the first modest sugar works which would ultimately become Botany Bay Estate.

In 1784 when Nathaniel Alt took over the estate, Botany Bay reached its potential as a full-fledged sugarcane estate. It is therefore in honor of this rich past that we present to you our Botany Bay Estate Reserve Rum – a rare and delicious artisan rum that embodies the cultural history of St. Thomas.

Product Description

Botany Bay Rum is a custom, small batch (approx. 1250 bottles/ batch) rum that is historically representative of the estate rums at Botany Bay estate on the west end of St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. These private reserve rums were used for special family occasions and visiting dignitaries. In the 1800’s Caribbean rum was traded in small artisan lots that were blended to yield one of a kind excellence that made the islands famous.

The rums were aged in a combination of French and American oak barrels.

Rum Flavors, Origin and Aging

Botany Bay is a blend of 3Yr. aged Barbados rum, 5Yr. aged Guatemala rum, smooth light Trinidad rum, and uniquely powerful rum from Martinique. This is the best of French & English flavor styles.

Distillation Style

Distilled from fresh cane juice in small pot stills for the heavy character and some short column stills for a lighter profile. Using cane juice as opposed to molasses, yields a grassy/Smokey character for the more discerning pallet.

Perseverance Bay Local Artisan Cream Liqueur


30 proof


Feisty local legend Mary Fogerty was the mistress of Estate Perseverance, located on the southern shore of Perseverance Bay, about four miles west of St. Thomas harbor. When Mary began her rum production operations back in 1811, her factory was so small that it shared space with her grazing livestock.

Today, Mary has become an important figure in Virgin Islands folklore, not only because of her independent streak but because her visionary good taste in blending a rum cream liqueur earned her the esteem of family, friends and visiting spice traders.

We think Mary would approve of our velvety smooth 40-proof rum cream, made today in the same small artisan batches with the same blend of secret spices that she used.

We start with the complexity of barrel-aged rum from neighboring Estate Botany Bay and blend in Mary’s iconic spices to create our Perseverance Bay homage — elegant when served on the rocks, or the life of the party as an ingredient when recreating the famous Sapphire Pub Bushwacker.

In short, don’t leave our island paradise without giving this unforgettable local artisan liqueur a try — and be sure to bring a bottle (or two) home to rekindle your warm vacation memories with special friends.

Product Description

Perseverance Bay is a 30 proof, small batch (approx. 1,250 bottles) rum cream that is historically representative of products made at the Perseverance Bay estate in St Thomas. The world’s only cream liqueur that combines barrel aged rum (Botany Bay) and lighter USVI rums. This produces a smooth, rich and complex rum base which is combined with Caribbean nutmeg. The cream base is lighter and less filling for cocktails but still imparts a richer flavor experience.

Rum and Flavor Origin

The rum base is from multiple barrels aged rums (Botany Bay) and blended with lighter rums from Virgin Islands.

Havensight Local Artisan Liqueur


50 proof


The quaint Havensight Estate perches on a hilltop above Havensight Point, overlooking the long bay which connects to Charlotte Amalie Harbor in St. Thomas. Havensight founders John Neish and Richard Wynne produced sugar and rum products throughout the late 1700s before selling the estate to John Uhlehorn and his descendants in 1812.

Our 50-proof Havensight spiced rum liqueur combines a blend of old style rums with the flavors of the Caribbean, redolent of spicy orange and vanilla. We think John and Richard would say our liqueur perfectly captures the romance of being a weekend guest at charming Havensight.

Now, this small-batch, hand-bottled spiced rum liquor can be yours to enjoy as a memento of your travels and to bring to those at home as a very special gift.

Product Description

Havensight Rum liqueur is a 50 proof custom, small batch (approx. 1,250 bottles) light rum base with orange, vanilla and other secret spices common to the Caribbean. As with most liqueurs, it is sweet in nature and evokes a breezy tropical flavor experience.

Rum and Flavor Origin

This light, Virgin Island rum is combined with orange and vanilla, both from Island descent. This base combined with cane sugar and some secret spices, produces a flavor and after taste are a special treat. Served on the rocks, room temperature or in your favorite cocktail, you’ll be delighted.