Botany Bay Rum is a custom, small batch (approx. 1250 bottles/batch) rum that is historically representative of the estate rums at Botany Bay estate on the west end of St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. These private reserve rums were used for special family occasions and visiting dignitaries. In the 1800’s Caribbean rum was traded in small artisan lots that were blended to yield one of a kind excellence that made the islands famous.


Botany Bay is a blend of 3Yr. aged Barbados rum, 2-5Yr. aged Guatemala rum, smooth light Trinidad rum, and uniquely powerful rum from Martinique.

Barrel Aging

The rums were aged in a combination of French and American oak barrels.

Rum Ages

3-5 year Rums specially blended for a French-English style flavor profile.

Distillation Style

Distilled from fresh cane juice in small pot stills for the heavy character and some short column stills for a lighter profile. Using cane juice as opposed to molasses, yields a grassy/Smokey character for the more discerning pallet.